Palmiet Nature Reserve is inviting the community to join them on their monthly trails which take place on every first Sunday of the month.

These trails are organised by the Palmiet Nature Reserve management and are led by volunteers from the community. The trails are varied in the subjects they cover.

Warren Friedman of Palmiet said the various subjects for the trails are general interest – flora and fauna – to specialised trails such as the birding trails or the bat evening. “The trails usually start at 08:30am except the birding trails which begin earlier and the bat evening which is at 5pm which includes a braai,” said Friedman.

He added that the trails are usually of about two hours duration and are mostly an easy walk, where stops are taken to look at and discuss various plants and wildlife that they may come across.

“The trails are free, but we do appreciate any donations towards the upkeep of the reserve. Children are welcome,” he concluded.

Listed below are the next trail dates and the relevant trail leaders:
2 June- Linda Smith- talk on hiking.
7 July – Mary Lange – talk on Archaeology
4 August – Jean Senogales – talk on general interest
1 September – Lesley Frescura – talk on spring birds
6 October – Helen Bruigom – talk on bat evening
3 November – Sun Bradley – talk on insects
1 December – Mike Roseblade – talk on summer birds

For more information contact Warren Friedman on 031 262 2935.