Women take a stand against violent crimes

Women and members of the LGTB community, in Madadeni, Osizweni and Newcastle, came out in numbers last week Tuesday, in support of the #NationalShutDown march, to fight the violent crimes against in women.

Women in Newcastle took to the streets in protest of abuse

As Women’s Month began last week Tuesday, women took to the streets in protest of the abuse perpetuated almost daily on them. The number of women dying because of abusive partners continues to soar as women struggle to leave these tough situations. It has been said the power an abuser can have over his victim can tarnish a woman’s self-esteem in sometimes an irreparable way.
Pyschologist, Dr. Mnguni, said the perpetrator’s moves are usually smooth, “His courtship will be sweet and intense.”

“He can be very intelligent, knowing how to detect your weak spots, and uses your vulnerability and past pain to his advantage.

“No matter how hard you try, sometimes you will never be able to satisfy this kind of man, as he sees no fault in degrading you and verbally and physically assaulting you.” A survivor of rape and abuse, Mama Ndlovu, shared her traumatic experience. “I was raped repeatedly, and at some point you start questioning whether there is something wrong with you. The one time, a taxi driver raped me. Unbeknown to him, I once was picked up by him again while trying to catch a taxi to my destination. I could see that he didn’t notice me, but I kept talking about him in the taxi to everyone, I kept looking at him in the mirror and I could see how uncomfortable he was.

“The thoughts still haunt till this day, you never fully heal but you learn to forgive. All five of the perpetrators who imposed these violent crimes against me, I heard they had passed on. One time I tried going to see one because he was locked up, I was told he died. We might think the people who do this to us don’t think about their crimes, but I suspect they are also tormented by their actions. For everyone going through this, I say remain strong and trust God. I got through a lot of these experiences through prayer.”
The march is Newcastle started at Phelandaba Sports Grounds in Madadeni, and led to the Majuba stadium in Madadeni, Section 2. The SAPS from Madadeni were present to receive the memorandum. Madadeni Station Commander said they will forward the memorandum.

“We are here to support this initiative and receive the memorandum. We are saying we are also ready to listen and we will forward the memorandum to all relevant stakeholders.”
Families of abuse victims are encourage to not give up on family members that are in abusive relationships, as the abuser tries hard to isolate his victim from family and friends. There are available centres for women who seek protection and help.
Important contact numbers:
Newcastle Crisis Centre: 034 315 3389 / 082 337 9364
(Open 24/7)
Psychologist Dr Mandisa Nxel:
034 328 0000
South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG): To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday, Call: 011 234 4837.
For a suicidal Emergency call 0800 567 567, 24hr Helpline 0800 12 13 14.