Mystery surrounds the alleged abduction of a woman, and robbery, who claimed she had to alight from a moving BMW, to flee from two men at the Oribi Toll Plaza in Marburg.

Lazer 911 spokesman, Basil Lanka, said the company’s members acted on a tip-off from the Margate SAPS that the getaway car was heading in the direction of Durban.
“The woman managed to escape from the moving vehicle and ran into the lane. She ran towards the patrol vehicle which was parked at the toll plaza’s main gate. The officers had enquired from her what had transpired. She instead jumped into the patrol vehicle and locked the door,” said Lanka.
According to Lanka, a short while later, a man in a BMW approached the patrol vehicle and had attempted to escort the woman back to his vehicle.
“She refused to leave. The officers instructed the man to leave. A panic was activated and Lazer 911 members and police officers were dispatched to the scene.
A contingent of Lazer 911 reaction officers surrounded the Oribi Toll Plaza and pulled over the two suspects. They were apprehended and handed over to SAPS. All stolen goods were recovered including the cellphone that belonged to the victim,” said Lanka.

It was established via feedback from the woman, while under the supervision of security officers and the night shift manager at the toll plaza that she was in a relationship with one of the men. She was apparently afraid for her life after the men stated that they “kill women for their body parts.”

The mystery has deepened. Police told the South Coast Weekly Gazette that they have no record of the matter.