Higginson crash claims second victim

“My baby still calls for her father. Losing Tevin is a great loss to our family as he was the sole bread-winner.” These are the sorrowful words of the distraught widow, Arisha Pillay, who lost her husband following a horrific crash on Higginson Highway, last week.

Tevin Pillay (23) succumbed to his injuries in hospital, a few days after the crash
which claimed the life of his friend,
Nickyle Singh (18).

The pair was travelling together on the highway when the accident occured. It is alleged that Singh had been driving his friend’s vehicle and lost control of the
vehicle whilst trying to avoid rocks which had been placed on the road by protestors from the Bottlebrush Informal Settlement.

Pillay and his wife were married for two years and have a 17-month old daughter.
Arisha explained the trauma that her family is going through, “It is a great loss for us.
It is going to be very hard for us but the support of family, friends and the community has been overwhelming.”

It is believed that on the fateful afternoon, both Pillay and Singh’s families went to
the park. After spending quality time together they decided to go back to Pillay’s home. Singh and Pillay went for a drive but did not return. Arisha then received a call from the owner of the vehicle which Singh had been driving, telling her that they were involved in an accident.

Pillay and Singh were allegedly stripped off their belongings after the crash had occurred. Arisha said it’s shocking to note that her husband’s phone is still active. “Whilst going through my phone, I noticed that Tevin was ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp on Thursday, 5 July. The people who stole his phone, didn’t even remove his sim card. They are continuing to use his phone and number. This is so sad,” she said. Pillay’s funeral took place on Friday, 6 July and was attended by a host of family and friends. Singh was laid to rest on Wednesday, 4 July.