Family and friends of Miguel Louw, Arlene, mum Raylene, Tasneem, Henri and Miguel’s dad, Kirk, finally smile in the courthouse upon hearing the news of Ebrahim’s murder arrest

Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim, 43, the Phoenix man accused of kidnapping Sydenham’s Miguel Louw, has been officially charged for the murder of the 10-year-old boy in a shocking turn of events outside Durban court on Wednesday morning.

Mohammed had been facing a kidnapping charge. Speaking to the Weekly Gazette, Combined Community Watch (CCW) head, Domenic King, who has been integrally involved in the Miguel Louw case from inception and has offered immense support to the family, said he was shocked and ecstatic by the sudden turn of events in court.

“We were all present in court and thought it was going to be another remand for the accused. The State Prosecutor then stated that they wanted the case moved to another court. As the suspect was being led out, he was halted outside court where detectives read him rights and informed him that he was officially charged for the murder of Miguel Louw.

Together with the family, we are elated and are awaiting the conclusion of this case. It has been a traumatizing period for the family and friends of Miguel as well as the community and we want to see what unfolds next,” said King.

Detectives escorted Ebrahim to Durban Central police station where he will be charged. His lawyer, Chris Gounden, was requested to be present with him by detectives. Miguel’s battered and decomposed body was found buried in shallow grave a short distance from Ebrahim’s Phoenix home, on 3 September.