Municipality confirms two senior officials questioned


The uThukela District Municipality confirmed that on Tuesday, 16 July,  two of its senior officials were taken in by the unit responsible for investigating political killings  in the province. Though the officials have been named by the municipality, The Ladysmith Herald is withholding their names as the matter is under investigation.

They are being questioned in connection with the murder of Zakhele Mazibuko.

“This is an ongoing process,” said the municipality in a statement. “The two officials were questioned for some hours and were released on the same day. The  municipality wishes to state it categorically clear that none of these two officials have been formally charged for any criminal case and this, like in most instances, was simply to gather information by the police around the matter.

“The municipality is determined to see the conclusion of the case around the killing of one of its staff members without any interference from inside or outside the police force. We continue to reiterate the point that justice delayed is justice denied. We are, however,  worried by the manner in which the unit conducts its business; the dramatic method in which they take in citizens for questioning has an impact in the defamation of character of the individuals being called in for questioning. “At times it seems deliberate to advance some political scores, if not clearly an abuse of power by those with the mandate to protect and serve our people. We have also noted the amount of rumour mongering around this matter and the many insinuations being made both inside and outside our institution. We want to condemn this vile act which seeks to discredit
and criminalise innocent people just for the sake of settling scores. 

“We feel that it is importantto clarify this matter so that society around uThukela understands clearly the circumstances around the investigation. The municipality still strives to serve the people well in line with the principles of good governance.

“One of the underlying factors to this is transparency. This statement therefore  seeks to demystify any confusion that might have been caused by the activities around this issues.”