Mr India SA 2018, Desmin Moonsamy of Phoenix has embarked on a project to empower aspiring entrepreneurs from various communities in Durban.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Desmin Moonsamy said that one of his promises upon being crowned Mr India SA was to empower and uplift small businesses, young and aspiring entrepreneurs. “In turn, the boost of the local business will then so increase in our economy. I have chosen to work with women from various communities such as Phoenix, Verulam, and Chatsworth, whom are not only businesswomen but are great mothers too. Women tend to have a greater influence to other females and can inspire other women to reach greater heights, as they have achieved their own goals.”

Moonsamy said that he plans on empowering mums in business, creating an awareness on business skills and strategies so that local people are educated in this aspect, thereby helping local entrepreneurs grow and thrive in their respective fields.

One of the most aspiring businesswoman is Lynette Chetty who is based between Phoenix and uMhlanga. Lynette is the founder of Hairstylyn, a wife and a mother of three children whose sheer determination has helped her reach her goals.

Chetty said, “Being a wife can be tedious, the efforts in the duties of
a mother and homemaker requires a lot of effort and hard work.

“My perfect example is my mum, an inspiration to all, having a balanced lifestyle of being maintaining being a business with loads of dedication and business ethics. “A child is more driven when he or she sees a happy and fulfilled mother, that utilizes her potential in becoming successful. I have used this to motivate myself in being the best person possible, in being the founder of a business, I have created the perfect team of dedicated stylists and artists that have the same vision as me.

“I’ve built an amazing relationship with Mr India South Africa, Desmin Moonsamy. I have personally seen his growth and his amazing stature through his journey. He carries himself with such excellence and poise allowing others to take to his motivation in entrepreneurship. It has been an absolute honor to have him as one of my clients for
many years.

“My message to women out there is always remain humble and strive for excellence. Reach for the sun and fall amongst the