Mothwa Haven, Moore Road is honouring and celebrating the women founders of the haven, this National Women’s Month.

Kasruthie Naidoo of Mothwa Haven said the women founders have been the drivers of the haven since 1967 when the haven was founded. She said it was founded by the Mothwa ladies of Sourthern Natal with a bequest left to them of R25 000 by Mrs Hingham.

“We are truly honored to be part of the history made by women who cared about the community. These women portrayed a lot of strength, dedication and selflessness when they established the haven. Till today the haven stands and its all through the work of these influential women. This Women’s Month we would like to acknowledge them and thank them for putting the community first,” said Naidoo.

One of the ladies who has been a Mothwa for 58 years, Sylvia Daniels, 93, is now living at Mothwa, and this is her third year living at the retirement home. Sylvia said it feels good to be part of Mothwa for so long. She said there is so much history behind the haven.

“At the time Mothwa was founded, there were 23 Mothwa shell holes (members) all with the duty of making this vision become a reality. Here in Durban, we have two havens, one is for retired and able ladies which is the Natal Mothwa Haven on Deodare Avenue and the Mothwa Haven Moore Road which is the retirement home for the elderly who need basic care. I would like to thank our leaders who did a very good job in establishing the haven under the leadership of Mothwa Wyn Clark.” said Sylvia. She said currently, Mothwa is chaired by Vanessa Broeke and is managed nationally by Joan Smith. “Both ladies are continuing the good work, taking care of us – the elderly,” said Sylvia.