A brave Morningside resident who realised an alleged theft suspect was fleeing from a neighbour’s property did not hesitate to give chase through the suburb and arrest him on Tuesday morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios said a resident pressed her panic button when she spotted the suspect trespassing on her property at around 10.45am.

“The resident was busy in her kitchen when she was alerted to the presence of an intruder by her dog barking. She approached the front door of her home and spotted a suspect who was dragging a metal object as he attempted to open the pedestrian door to flee from the property,” Mathios said.

“The suspect managed to open the gate and fled, abandoning what turned out to be wheel rims that he had stolen from another property, on the pavement,” Mathios said.

Mathios said a neighbour who heard the commotion went out to investigate and spotted the suspect fleeing the scene. He gave chase and managed to apprehend the suspect on Venice Road. Our armed response officer attended the scene and the suspect was then handed over to members of the Berea SAPS,” he said.

Mathios added that the abandoned rims were identified by another resident as his property and was handed over to the police.