A suspect was swiftly arrested after a mid-morning stabbing in Francis Rd, Ladysmith. According to reports the suspect stabbed the owner of the house after he was found to be in the back of the yard stealing nuts off a tree.

SharajEMS paramedics lead the stabbed man to the ambulance.

When the victim, a well-known businessman, confronted the suspect, he was stabbed. In the meanwhile, a 15 minute tea break turned out to be a shock for a staffer at the Ladysmith Herald when she witnessed a man in a bloodied shirt being chased after the incident. The house is located across the street from the newspaper’s office.

“I just saw men running, chasing a man with a white shirt,” said Cayce Brown, as she was trying to get some sun on a winter’s morning outside the offices. “There was so much blood on his shirt.”

The victim is the husband of a doctor. The chase ensued into Christopher Park as local residents were in pursuit of the suspect. The Ladysmith K9 unit was quick to respond leading to the assailant’s arrest in the bush where he was hiding.

The stabbed man  stumbled out of the house as he tried to make his way to the surgery where he collapsed. SharajEMS treated the man at the scene before taking him to hospital.

Pics by Claudine Senekal