Pregasen Clive Rampartab  in happier times
By Krishnee Naidoo

A 33-year-old Merebank wife says she is struggling to explain her missing husband’s death to her six-year-old son after his dad’s badly decomposed body was found dumped on Himalayas Road last Sunday.

Keshnee Rampartab (33), has been plunged from anguish into mourning after her husband, Pregasen Clive Rampartab (32), who had been missing from 14 March 2018, was found in a severe state of decomposition by a passerby near Ganges Secondary School.

Wentworth SAPS is probing an inquest case and communications officer, Cpt MP Gumede said at about 11am the police were informed by an informant of a person’s body that was found on Himalayas Road bush between the palisade fence of the Ganges Secondary School in Merebank.

“The members proceeded to the scene and on arrival met the person who discovered the body. The body was of a male person but it was already decomposed and it is unknown what race group the deceased belongs to. The police had to force the steel gate open in order to reach to the scene. The body was decomposed and at this stage the deceased is unknown. The police are investigating a case of inquest and have sent the samples for D.N.A testing. The police are waiting for D.N.A test results which will determine who the deceased is. The body was taken to Gale Street government mortuary,” Cpt Gumede said.

Speaking to the Southern Star, a heartbroken Keshnee said Pregasen’s brother and his mum rushed to scene when news of a body being found was received. “They identified him by the shape of his toes and toenails and a scar under his foot. He was also found with the T-shirt that he was wearing when he went missing,” added Keshnee.

“This pain we are going through is unbearable. Our worst fears were realised at that point when Clive’s body was found. Since he went missing, I had hope that he would return. My husband was a mandrax smoker. When he left home, he was going to buy a button. What happened after that I don’t know. He smoked and could support his habit. He was not perfect but he loved us. He lived for his son. I strongly believe he was murdered. The way he was thrown over that fence and found with the barbwire around his leg tells me something went very wrong. His body was said to be covered in maggots,” the devastated wife said.

“We cannot make funeral plans. This nightmare is ongoing. I will never see my husband again. My son has no dad now. My son cries for his father. I don’t know if we will ever have closure regarding Clive’s death. We are waiting for police to positively confirm my husband’s identity and then we have to pick up the pieces of our lives and lay my husband to rest,” a tearful Kershnee added.

Cpt Gumede urged witnesses who have information that can assist in the case to contact 031 451 6240 / 6241 / 6242 or Crime stop on 08600 10111.