A Merebank wife and mother acted on instinct and showed her mettle, when she tackled an armed suspect and fatally stabbed him in an armed home invasion at the family’s  residence on Sunday night.

The dad, mum and daughter were allegedly seated in their lounge at about 10pm, watching television, when the lone robber struck.

According to Wentworth SAPS communications officer, Cpt MP Gumede, the door was closed but not locked.

“Suddenly, they noticed the door opening slightly and a man entered inside the lounge and pointed a firearm at them and instructed them to lie down and keep quiet. The suspect ordered the wife to get a rope and there wasn’t any. The daughter was also ordered to get a sheet and the suspect cut it and tied up the husband. The wife and daughter were told to take the husband into the bedroom and jewellery was loaded inside the bag at gunpoint by the wife. In the bedroom, the husband managed to free himself and entered the lounge where he grabbed the suspect in possession of the knife and a firearm. Whilst they were wrestling, the suspect stabbed the husband on the face and back. The knife fell down and the wife managed to take it and stabbed the suspect several times on his body. The suspect tried to run, but he fell outside the road and died. It was determined that the suspect was carrying a toy gun.All role players attended the scene,” said Cpt Gumede.

A house robbery and inquest are being investigated.