A mother, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker are just some of the titles that Shamila Ramjawan goes by.

The inspiring woman has two registered companies, Famram Solutions (marketing and communications solutions) and Famram Foundation (empowering, uplifting and providing CSI solutions enhancing socio-economic development).

She is one of the proud owners of the life-changing PrincessD Menstrual Cup, which is an alternative sanitary product. It is the only menstrual cup in the world endorsed and co-owned by a double olympic gold medallist champion, Caster Semenya. The double 800metre olympic champ, is the co-owner and brand ambassador of the PrincessD Menstrual Cup.   Ramjawan explained the product, “The aim for creating the PrincessD Menstrual Cup which is reusable for 10 years, was to have a  “green”  alternative to disposable tampons and pads  (approximately 500-700 years to biodegrade) and help disadvantaged rural girls. But we found that all girls and women who menstruate are able to benefit from this healthy, hygienic,  environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable solution.”

She added that it is made from FDA approved medical grade silicone and has no toxins, bleaches, dyes or other chemicals. Not only is it comfortable for sports such as athletics, cycling, scuba diving, swimming, yoga, dancing, or any type of physical activity, but it offers safe, secure, discreet and leak-free protection for up to 12-hours at a time. It alleviates the embarrassment for school girls from having messy dresses. School principals love it because it ensures that there are no messy toilets or blockages in toilets. One menstrual cup is equivalent to approximately 3000-5000 sanitary pads/tampons over a 10-year cycle. The combo pack comes complete with a PrincessD menstrual cup and a pretty pink foldable steriliser cup (only silicone steriliser cup too). No more sanitary products, be the princess that you are.