The Phoenix North Coast (PNC) Cancer Support Group will host a high profile talk with Member of Parliament, Narend Singh, on medical cannabis. The talk will take place at the Mount Edgecombe Conference Centre on Sunday, 18 November, at 2pm.

Founder of the Phoenix North Coast (PNC) Cancer Support Group, Roy Sukdhev, said, “Member of Parliament, Narend Singh, will enlighten the public about the latest developments on regulations and availability. The groundbreaking news announced by the SA Constitutional Court that cannabis is now legal in South Africa has been widely welcomed especially by the still suffering cancer survivors who are being deprived by our state hospitals due to budget constraints. Internationally, cannabis is proving to be extremely beneficial not only to cancer survivors but also for many other diseases as well. Medical research and studies together with anecdotal evidence has confirmed its therapeutic benefits.”

He added, “However, with the legalisation of cannabis comes abuse and recklessness. Helping the patient recover in consultation with their medical doctor is always advised. Cancer is no longer a death sentence, as advancement in medical technology and alternative treatment is proving this. But, there must be controls and checks in place to avoid abuse. We live in a democratic society and basic healthcare is enshrined in our Constitution but our masses are deprived of effective and essential medications and treatment in the public hospitals and clinics.”

The PNC Cancer Support Group will embark on an educational and empowerment programme called “Educate to medicate”, to medical professionals, dispensers and patients. Due to limited seating, the public is urged to confirm their attendance via WhatsApp on 083 631 0824 before 14 November. For more information contact Roy on 083 631 0814.