Maternity ward upgraded

The hand over of the refurbished was appreciated by nursing staff

The comfort of expecting mothers and newborn babies at RK Khan has been boosted by the refurbishment of the Maternity Ward. The work was undertaken by the Queensburgh Islamic Society, who offered their assistance to the hospital as part of their donation. QIS secretary, Farouk Khan, said the organisation had approached the embattled hospital with an offer to work with the RK Khan Hospital, and see what role they could play.

He said: “After discussion with then CEO, Dr Subban, it was suggested that the Maternity Ward was most in need of refurbishment, and if QIS could undertake this task. After a site visit and walk about, it was agreed the QIS, would adopt the ward. After working out the cost of the undertaking, the society embarked on a fund raising drive. To this end, members of the Society and businessmen, were approached. Once we were ready, we met with the maintenance team and nursing staff of the hospital, and worked out the most suitable colours.”

The worked commenced on 2 July and the ward handed over back to the hospital on Thursday, 15 August, once the refurbishment was completed. “The walls had to be measured, windows counted and measured and the no of beds, the ward accommodates. QIS, then decided that we would paint the entire ward, change the curtains and supply two sets of linen for the 39 beds ward,” Khan said. The adoption of M1-Maternity Ward, has
led to the hospital benefitting greatly, despitethe temporary inconvenience to staff and patients. Khan said: “The challenge was to paint the rooms in the ward.

Patients, had to be moved to create empty wards so that painting could continue. With the support of the nursing staff, the rooms were made available, piece meal and the painting could be done.

“To date, it is the largest “out-reach project” that the Queensburgh Islamic Society, has undertaken. With the commitment and dedication of the working committee, all undertakings were completed. With some surplus cash, the nursing staff were consulted and it was decided to purchase foam mattress for the incubators.” QIS, is a non-profit organisation based in the Queensburgh area, under eThekwini Municipality.