Maternity care for moms without medical aid


Moms without medical aid can access private maternity care at the JMH City Hospital in Durban Central. Offering affordable, quality, all-inclusive maternity care in private hospital facilities, The Birthing Team Durban has successfully delivered 258 babies since launching in 2017.

The team of multidisciplinary health professionals, including midwives and obstetricians, actively work together to promote comprehensive and proactive care. The programme includes eight antenatal visits – six with a midwife and two with an obstetrician. After birth there are follow-up visits at three days, ten days and six weeks, ensuring both baby and mother are doing well.

“It is best for women to join the programme from 11 weeks to ensure they get the benefit of all these visits,” says Dr Howard Manyonga, Head of The Birthing Team. “To keep our prices as low as possible, it is important to do all necessary tests and build a relationship with the patient over the duration of her pregnancy – this makes it easier to pick up any potential complications early. Complex cases can then be referred to specialists.”
Mothers-to-be are advised to come in for an initial comprehensive screening, this costs R1 999 and must be paid upfront. The programme fee is based on the outcomes of the first assessment.

If there are no clinical issues or high-risk conditions, the fee starts at an all-inclusive amount of R20 500. Together with the initial R1 999, the full programme cost is R22 499.

“At the first appointment, we assess the development of the foetus and screen abnormalities in congenital development. We are also able to pick up any clinical or chronic conditions that will incur more tests, scans or visits, which could result in a higher programme fee,” says Manyonga. The Birthing Team only performs caesarean sections if clinically necessary, as determined by a doctor from the programme; “We are committed to natural births by normal vaginal delivery, this is better for the long-term health of mothers and babies,” says Manyonga.

Due to the proactive nature of the programme, women who are 28 weeks or more pregnant do not qualify. Regardless of when patients join the programme, the fee, determined at the first assessment, remains the same.

Interested mothers should contact The Birthing Team to book their first assessment. Regular check-ups take place in well-equipped consulting rooms and delivery takes place in the hospital’s maternity ward. The Birthing Team is operational in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane and in Durban at JMH City Hospital. For more information call 031 314 6713 or email [email protected]

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