An elderly man is in a critical condition after he was knocked by a train and had to be extricated from between the trains and the tracks, losing both of his lower limbs during the gruesome incident on Thursday afternoon, in Isipingo.

Speaking to the Southern Star, spokesperson for PT Ambulance Services, Jeshona Singh, said, “At approximately 1.22pm, PT manager Farhad Ally heard screams for help emanating from the railway track running adjacent to Ally Road, Isipingo. Upon investigation it was established that an elderly man had been knocked by a train. Immediately, PT Ambulance Services was dispatched. The man was found to have suffered extensive injuries to both his legs which had been amputated below the knee. He had been stuck under the train and had to be extricated. He also sustained a broken hand and several other injuries. He was in a critical condition and PT paramedics attempted to stabilise him on scene. He was speedily transported to a local hospital.”

Singh added, “As per the train driver, he noticed the man lying on the railway line, sounded the train horn and applied brakes, but unfortunately he was unable to stop in time and rammed the man. The circumstances surrounding the man’s reason for being on the tracks is unknown and is subject to investigation by the relevant authorities who responded to the scene.”