Man surrenders to police after shooting ‘ex-girlfriend’ in the head

Police and KZN VIP members outside the victim’s flat where she was shot

An Ironbridge resident has been stabilised at hospital after she was shot twice, by a man believed to be her ex-boyfriend, outside her flat this morning.
The shooter then fled the scene and locked himself in his house where he threatened to kill himself. He surrendered himself to the police whilst KZN VIP SWAT team stood down at the scene and SAPS Task Force and a police negotiator reasoned with the suspect.
Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, KZN VIP spokesman, Romano Naidoo said, “Witnesses on scene alleged that the victim and the man argued and whilst she stood at the staircase, he pulled out a gun and fired about three shots with two bullets hitting the victim. The victim was struck on the temple and chest. She was stabilised on scene by KZN VIP Medics and rushed to hospital. The suspect fled the scene after the shooting. A search was conducted for him.”

KZN VIP SWAT and Response together with police outside the suspect’s residence

KZN VIP’s Glen Naidoo, said, “KZN VIP received a barrage of calls from community members for assistance. KZN VIP SWAT, Medical and Response dashed to the scene. Police were alerted. Once information was received of the shooter being at his house, we proceeded to the premises and stood down with police. The suspect locked himself in his house and threatened to kill himself. A hostage negotiator was called out to scene and after an arduous discussion with him, she managed to convince him to surrender himself to the police. He then opened the door and was taken into police custody. A firearm was seized in his possession,” said Naidoo.
Police will be investigating further.