The Crossmoor community has been left in a state of shock after the body of a man was discovered by a resident on Lilac Street. On Saturday, 23 February at around 10:30am a community member made the gruesome discovery of the victim with a gunshot wound.

The deceased, Ravi Pillay, worked as a bus driver at Royal Passenger and Motor Garage in Woodhurst. The family of the deceased positively identified his body after Chatsworth SAPS put out a search for the next of kin.

SAPS spokesperson Nqobile Gwala said, “Community members found the man, believed to be in his 50’s on Lilac Road. It’s believed he had been dropping off refuse when he was attacked. He was shot in the mouth.”

“Community members say they had not expected such a thing to occur in their neighbourhood. “We are a peaceful neighbourhood, very close and friendly, it is disturbing for us to see such a site and for our children who are curious to see a dead body at such a young age,” said one resident”.

Another resident who does not want to be named for safety reasons said, “I had just got back from an early morning trip to the market when I noticed all the commotion. My 9-year-old son who was with me at the time happened to notice the body lying on the floor. He has since been asking numerous questions and fearing that it may happen to us. It is unacceptable for anyone to behave that unruly in our community and get away with it. We demand justice.”

One resident claims the victim was handcuffed when he was discovered, “I was unable to see much but I did notice that there was handcuffs on him. His family was of unknown and we searched for any form on identification in and around the scene but found nothing.” Prissy Pather who lives nearby said, “It is extremely scary to hear of such things happening in our own community, we no longer feel safe even in our homes. The message got around very fast, some with incorrect information. My sincere condolences to the family of the victim. None of us can imagine going through such pain.”

Ashok Kuppasamy said, “It is devastating news to deal with, we can only hope for justice to be served to the grieving family of the victim. As a community we need to stand up against these heinous deeds and put a stop to it”.

Communications officer of the eThekwini Inner South Cluster, Cpt Cheryl Pillay, said the man was identified by family members.
“The vehicle belonging to the deceased has been recovered by police. Station commander of the Chatsworth SAPS, Brig Kevin James, offers his condolences to the bereaved family, assuring the family that police have intensified and prioritised this investigation,” added Cpt Pillay.
At this stage the motive for the killing is unknown. Police are continuing with investigations. Anyone who can assist police with investigations can call SAPS Chatsworth on 031 451 4267 alternatively call Crime Stop on 08600 10111.