Police divers from various units responded to the drowning at Asherville Pool

Sydenham police responded to the drowning of a 24-year-old man at the Asherville Swimming Pool on Sunday afternoon.

Communications officer at Sydenham SAPS, Captain Myen Lazarus, said, “Constable Cele received a complaint of a drowning at the Asherville Swimming Pool and on arrival, was met by the pool supervisor.

“According to the supervisor, she stated that she saw a man drown in the deep end of the pool. She quickly rushed to assist the victim and pulled him out of the pool with the help of other individuals who were present at the time.” Lazarus said that according to the supervisor, the patient coughed and spurted water. “She (supervisor) held the patient in the recovery position for about 10 minutes.

“The supervisor noticed that the patient bit his tongue and was no longer breathing. An ambulance was called and the patient was declared deceased,” added Cpt Lazarus. Police divers from Durban Search and Rescue along with Durban K9 Search and Rescue and Metro Police Search and Rescue were also on scene.