A 29-year-old wife wants justice for her husband, 26, after she claims he was falsely accused, kidnapped and brutally assaulted by four men with alleged drug links in Westham, recently. Two suspects have since been arrested and are out on bail.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, the distressed wife said she cannot believe how the men beat her husband to a pulp and kidnapped him, all because they believed that he stole drugs. “My husband has friends who take drugs. He had been chatting to them. As he was making his way home later on, he was stopped on Roeham Place where he was cornered by a gang of men. Two men hit him badly and accused him of stealing their drugs. The men known to him framed my husband because they know he is a quiet person.

“My husband obviously denied it because he did not take any drugs but they would not listen to him and they continued hitting him. The owner of the drugs and his friends hit my husband with a gun on his head. They pushed him inside the car and took him to a house in Westham where they kept him against his will and continued bashing him. They even hit him with a baseball bat,” the wife said.

She said the family was concerned when he did not return home and went out searching for him. “My husband was found the next day. He was covered in blood and was assaulted so badly. We took him to the Unit 10 clinic for treatment. He suffered so many injuries that we could hardly recognise his face,” the upset wife said.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Captain Louise Naidoo, confirmed that an Assault GBH case was opened at Phoenix police station.

“A 26-year-old complainant was approached by four suspects in a grey VW Polo on 26 June 2019. He was assaulted by two men who are known to him. Two men accused the complainant of theft. The complainant denied any theft and the accused hit him
with a firearm and a spanner. The suspects were ordered to shoot the complainant but instead he was driven to Westham where he was locked in a verandah and beaten with a baseball bat.

“The complainant was released by the suspects the next day. Two suspects were arrested on 4 July and are out on bail,” said Cpt Naidoo.

“My husband has suffered such extensive injuries. He is still in so much pain. He
was set up by people he knew. It was heartbreaking to see my husband covered in blood. We want the police to help us. Another family should not have to go
through this kind of pain and torture. These perpetrators must not have the chance to do this to another person,” said the complainant’s wife.