Ward 50 Councillor, Lyndal Singh has urged residents of Woodview to take heed of a proposed plan by the eThekwini Municipality to erect a 30 metre telecommunications mast at Woodview Primary School and file their objections before the deadline.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Cllr Singh stated, “Many residents are unaware of the proposed plan at the premises of Woodview Primary School and I urge all residents to submit their written complaints before the deadline as any letters received after 4 December will not be accepted. Despite council stating that they have submitted letters to the residents to file their objections or acceptance, residents did not receive any notice which means that they will miss the deadline and won’t be able to object. A mast installation will have detrimental health risks on learners and residents and need to stand united and submit their objections so our voice can stand out as one. Feedback from the community is imperative. If we let this pass us by, it will prove to be detrimental to the health of the children that attend Woodview Primary School. These telecommunication masts emit radiation and the health risks outweigh the need of clarity on a cellphone network. In my capacity as a councillor, I will object to the fullest for this mast to be erected, but the community needs to stand together and we need to jointly prevent this from taking place,” added Cllr Singh.

A concerned parent who spoke on the basis of anonymity said, “Although Woodview Primary School sends out communication letters each term, we were never at any stage notified about the proposed mast installation by management or the School Governing Body. It is disturbing that schools make unilateral decisions based on the financial gain as opposed to health and well being of the students and residents alike.”

Principal of Woodview Primary School, Mr P Ramsurrup commented on the matter, stating that, “Woodview Primary School supported a request from the service provider for due processes to be followed for the approval of a mast installation in a designated area within the school yard, however, Woodview Primary School will support the outcome of the mass general comments from the public.”

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, eThekwini Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa stated, “This is a private application for a cellmast in a school site. The application was advertised for public comment on 4 November and the closing date is 4 December. The advert on site and in newspapers does indicate what interested or affected parties wishing to submit comments must do.”

Residents can drop off their written comments at Central Region, Land Use Management Branch, Ground Floor, 166 K.E Masinga (Old Fort) Road, Durban, email: Adele.Bothma@durban.gov.za, Fax: 031 3117859 or by registered email to the Head: Development Planning Environment and Management Unit, Land Use Management Branch, PO Box 680, Durban, 4000.

For further enquiries email Cllr Singh: singhlyndal@gmail.com