Clothes for Africa, a drive by Robin Hood Foundation (RHF), was created to assist in their ‘Mahala Markets’, which RHF will host over the next few months.

The first Mahala Market will be set up in EMBO. Two-hundred gogos (grandmothers) are invited to ‘shop for free’. This effort was created in the hope of blessing them with at least five new outfits each which they can choose.

Kim Griffith Jones, co-ordinator of RHF, said, “Our chairlady, Cindy Norcott’s, vision behind this market is to allow the gogos,
in the communities we are hosting these markets, to shop for free and choose over five outfits and other accessories for themselves.

“They get by on so little with their state pensions, and in nine out of ten cases they also have grandchildren in their care who they support. So this Mahala Market will be an exciting day for them. They can choose something for themselves which will be a little treat that they deserve but cannot afford.”

Cathy Van Rooyen, owner of Willow Clothing Boutique, said, “We are very excited to be a part of this awesome initiative by The Robin Hood Foundation and we would like to encourage the Durban community to get spring cleaning and donate some of the clothes you do not wear anymore to RHF’s Mahala Market.”

For drop-off points, if you would like to get involved or for info on the Mahala Market or any of RHF’s outreaches, email