There’s plenty of fish in the sea. We’ve heard the phrase millions and billions of times right friends? So please explain to me, why is it that when you have a problem in a relationship, where you are not happy, or if you are being abused, you don’t leave. You don’t walk away. You stay and suffer in misery.

Last week social media was filled with many people sharing the story of a well known celebrity who was abused by her boyfriend. He in turn filed charges against her saying he was abused. Eish!! What is wrong with people today?

I also read of a story where a husband shot his wife and then shot himself, in front of his kids. I know we have loadshedding now, but sounds to me like the lights have been turned off out there long before this. What would possess you to do something like that? Why would you want to end your life or someone elses for that matter.

If a relationship is not working and you have tried everything to make it work, close the chapter, move on, find someone else. Yes it is as easy as that. You don’t need to kill your spouse or yourself or anyone else. It is perfectly normal for couples to argue, to have disagreements and not talk to each other until the other apolgises. BUT, if it is happening too often, or if it turns abusive, you need to take a step back and evaluate the relationship and decide whether you really need to be there or if you should walk away and make a change.

Relationships are amazing, if you find someone who makes you happy and who you make happy in return. Please read carefully. I did not say if you find someone perfect. Obviously no one is perfect. None of us are. When you are in a relationship you need to be able to look past the imperfections and see the good and the positive. BUT, if it doesn’t work out, please don’t be dramatic and hold onto the person like they are the last person left on the planet. Be an adult. Talk to each other. See if you can work things out. If you can’t, accept that you tried, and move on.

Something we’re really good at is holding onto things, and what we struggle with, is putting things down. It can seem easier said than done, but if you can remember that you’re only damaging yourself, and not really changing anything else, then you can then start to let go. Let me share a magic word with you… Tinder.. Google it brothers and sisters. You can eat different types of fish everyday – it is an endless supply of fish.

YOLO – You only live once. You deserve to be happy.

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