Phoenix residents who live alongside the Phoenix Highway will soon breath a sigh of relief following the refurbishment of street lights in the area. This after the intervention of Councillor Jonathan Annipen, who stated that residents in Greenbury, Stonebridge and Clayfield will benefit the most after the project is complete.

According to Annipen, many residents in the area complained about the lack of lighting which caused many accidents and contributed to the increase of crime in the area.

“People have had to resort to building high walls and reconstructing stronger security fences to prevent intruders from gaining entry into their properties and homes. I live in this ward and have, for a long time made various submissions to the city to look at ways to repair the ailing infrastructure where street lighting is concerned. This has been a major challenge in this community because it has given criminals the means to prey on unsuspecting residents who have to leave home while it is dark to go to work,” said Cllr Annipen.

“Many people in the area walk on the Phoenix Highway to get to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and lots of these people have been mugged and accosted. All these complaints prompted me to engage with the municipality to have the lights restored. This has been a long battle and after many years, we can finally see the light. I am also working with the department to repair the lighting in other parts of Phoenix,” added Cllr Annipen.