Running the Comrades Marathon for the first time on Sunday, 10 June is local nurse Thembi Ncengeni, who enjoys running as a stress reliever that helps her cope with the demand of her job.

Ncengeni who is an enrolled nursing assistant in the emergency department at Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital (AAK) is thrilled not only to be running in her inaugural Comrades but to be receiving such warm support from family and colleagues said AAK marketing officer, Jose’ Nadesan.

“Being a mom of three children, and working night shift as an enrolled nursing assistant in the emergency department of The AAK, are what keeps Thembi occupied on a daily basis. Her passion, running, was discovered about four years ago when she decided to start running to get into shape. She fell in love with the sport and now it runs in her veins and is her addiction,” added Nadesan.

Ncengeni said that running helps her deal with the stresses of her job.

“If I’m tired or really stressed about what happened at work like painful circumstances with my patients, I take my running shoes, I do 10kms or 20kms to help relieve the stressful impact,” she said. Ncengeni added that nursing has impacted her life and changed the way she thinks.
“It’s actually not work, but more like a calling. You focus on helping others. Sometimes you get stressed when you hear sad news like when you lose a patient and can’t help. As a nurse you are always nursing, where ever you are,” she said.

Ahmed Docrat, the Hospital Manager, said: “We are super proud of Thembi. She’s a true ambassador of a working mom, and a nurse. We support her fully and wish her well on her first Comrades Marathan.”