Award winning entrepreneur and social activist, Shamila Ramjawan has been going from strength to strength and its all down to hard work and dedication said the rising star. Ramjawan founded the Famram Solutions Princess D Menstrual Cup as a way to empower girls who would often miss school when menstruating because they could not afford sanitary products. In April, the Princess D Menstrual Cup will reach the two year milestone.

With partners in 20 countries, the brand is dedicated to ‘keeping girls in school’, a project that urge corporates and government to play their part. Usable for up to 10 years, the menstrual cup offers an eco friendly alternative to conventional sanitary pads and tampons while allowing girls to manage their menstruation in a hygienic way.

Ramjawan said that the menstrual cup is no new invention, having been around since the 1930’s and that creating her brand was a rewarding process because it allowed her to tackle a taboo topic and equip young women. “Bringing Princess D into the market, has ensured that girls and women have a sustainable, healthy and hygienic solution during their menstruation,” said Ramjawan.

What started as a self-funded business is now co-owned by Double Olympic Gold medalist, Caster Semenya. “It’s been quite a journey but perseverance and aggressive marketing has taken me onto the road of success,” said Ramjawan.

“Caster and I bring a bundle of mixed skills, accolades and passion into Famram Solutions,” added Ramjawan.

Ramjawan has won several awards for her work, including the the Owami Women Award and the Impact Global Award in December 2017 from the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development which was presented by H.H. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum in Dubai.

She was also recognised as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Emerging Economies.
“I was inducted in the Hall of Fame and featured in the January Special Edition of the Amazons Watch Magazine,” said Ramjawan who was honoured to be recognised globally.

Ramajawan said that the award came as a surprise. “It’s great to be seen and recognised from outside South Africa. “I am excited to be putting South Africa on the map,” said Ramjawan.