Dear Editor,

The Ethekwini Metro council continues to fail the residents of Durban by refusing to supply orange bin bags and clear bin bags .

When the orange bags became more and more scarce , the city’s Durban Solid Waste departmemt informed us that the city was having a problem with the supplier . This problem has been going on for almost eight years now. How do we dispose of  recyclable  plastic , paper, cardboard etc if we are not supplied with the orange bags anymore? As responsible citizens, we want to do our bit for a clean environment, but we are not given orange bags to dispose of our recyclable paper. We can’t even buy those orange bags at any supermarket as they are clearly printed “not for sale”. So what do we do now ?

Recently the DSW bin trucks have been giving us ( actually not “giving “but rather  throwing it from.the road into our yards) clear plastic bags. These bags are marked “for bottle and tin recycling”. That supply has also stopped suddenly.  Not only are these bags too small to hold several bottles (let alone tins and cans), but they don’t solve the problem of how we dispose of our paper and plastic waste .

Come on eThekwini council! It’s time to stop making excuses and start delivering .
We residents want to really participate in a progressive waste recycling exercise . Please meet us halfway by supplying us with.the necessary bags for us to dispose of our waste products in a responsible manner.

Surely that is not asking too much ? I appeal to all our councillors,  to please raise this matter in council meetings. You councillors live amongst us ..Surely you can see that we are being short-changed in terms of DSW service delivery. Please councillors and ward committees, please help our community!

Mary Bachoo-Naicker.