People heading to the urgent meeting with councillor Sunil Brijmohan

Concerned residents in Orient Hills in Isipingo were involved in a stand-off against alleged land invaders on Saturday, 27 October.

The residents sought the assistance of Ward 90 Councillor Sunil Brijmohan to resolve the matter, after about 70 men and women struck a portion of land behind Orient Hills Primary School in preparation to erect their shacks. The group however halted the bush clearing after they were confronted by the community.

A community meeting was held on Sunday afternoon, in a strong stance against the group of invaders. “The main reason we are against this invasion is because the shacks they plan on erecting would be directly behind Orient Hills Primary school. Our concern is the safety of the young learners,” explained Cllr Brijmohan.

According to Brijmohan, Metro Police have been patrolling the area since the incident.The community stood united and expressed that they will not tolerate this invasion. Cllr Brijmohan addressed the community at a second meeting held on Monday, 29 October, by concerned residents. Brijmohan said that he does not support illegal activities in the Ward and more especially land invasion. “This could cause a negative impact as we already have informal settlements, as well as a transit camp. We do understand that people need houses but they need to follow the proper channels,” he said.

The matter is currently being controlled with residents, Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the Metro Police, showing high visibility and frequent patrols. The land invasion unit remains on standby as well.