In support of National Book Week, La Lucia Library hosted a Spelling Bee Competition on 22 August. The contestants were required to spell words from a broad selection, with different levels of difficulty.

The winners from the competition have been entered into the next stage of the competition, where they will face off other winners from different district libraries in Durban.

The competition is an annual event hosted by different Durban libraries, in an effort to promote reading and the use of public libraries amongst Grade 8 pupils. It is also an initiative which supports the Book Week campaign #buyabook, which seeks to encourage a reading culture in South African homes. In conjunction with this, the #buyabook campaign was launched by the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) , where they are encouraging South Africans to purchase books from a selected list of titles at the cost of R20. The National Book Week project started in 2010, as a response to a study done by the SABDC. Statistics revealed that just 14% of South Africans actively read, while an alarming 73% of adult South Africans were not interested in books. It is celebrated during the first week in September every year, and is driven by the Department of Arts and Culture with the SABDC.

“By supporting the campaign, you are giving a child the timeless gift of owning their own little treasure. It allows all of us to share the magic of stories and books with the children, youth and adults alike. The more books we have at home, the better our children will be doing at school. The more books we have in homes, the better our adults can navigate life and its challenges,” said Elitha van der Sandt, CEO of SABDC.
During the Spelling Bee Competition at La Lucia Library, pupils were awarded certificates, medals and trophies for their efforts throughout the event.The next round of the Spelling Bee Competition will be scheduled for September.

The #buyabook campaign will continue running until 8 September, where the campaign will be supported nationally by book shops.