International Taekwondo coaches from South Korea conducted a Taekwondo seminar for the Reservoir Hills youth on Saturday, 7 October. Master Cho who is based in Pretoria is the Technical Director for Taekwondo in South Africa and Master Yun is the senior Master for Taekwondo in KZN.

The one day Taekwondo seminar at Siripat Road Grounds was attended by students from the University of Zululand, University of KZN, Clare Estate and Reservoir Hills Taekwondo Clubs. Master Billy who is the Chief Instructor at University of KZN, Clare Estate and Reservoir Hills organized this seminar so that local students benefit from Senior Master Cho and also train with the top students in the region.

Master Cho focused on proper technique in executing the various kicks, punches and blocks as well as combat fighting techniques. Master Cho is the current coach of the National Taekwondo team.

Master Billy joined the Reservoir Hills Sports Club after he read an article where the Club offered a platform for the youth to perform positive activities to distract them from indulging in unsavoury activities. “We from the Taekwondo Team have given our full support to the Reservoir Hills Sports Club as we notice that our youth are going astray. By offering free Taekwondo training to our youth, we are convinced that we will play a major role in distracting some of our youth from indulging in drinking, smoking, drugs and other negative activities. Taekwondo teaches you discipline and respect whilst you are able to keep fit and also defend yourself should the need arise,” said Master Billy.