Two knives were retrieved at a primary school in Isipingo after a scuffle broke out at the school on Thursday morning.

Isipingo SAPS and Alpha Alarms were called out to the school where it was discovered that three teen boys, one with a knife, arrived at the school and one of them assaulted a learner.

Spokesman for Alpha Alarms, Seshin Govender, said, “It was revealed that there was a school yard scuffle between some learners, a day or two before, where a few of them complained about the incident to their relatives at home. The relatives arrived at school to take up the matter unofficially. That is when the assault on a learner occurred. The learner did not sustain any serious injuries. School officials were quick to act and managed to restrain two of the three trespassers. The main perpetrator fled with the knife.

“Learners in the school pointed out to Alpha Alarms members that a fellow learner embroiled in the scuffle had weapons hidden around. A search was conducted and two well-hidden knives were uncovered. Isipingo SAPS intervened in the matter and the school principal was consulting with the parents of the learners involved in the scuffle to discuss disciplinary measures,” Govender added.

Isipingo SAPS communications officer, Cpt David Ragavan, said, “Parents are urged to ensure that their children are not in possession of any weapons. We also encourage parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Ensure that they are at the location they are scheduled to be at. Regarding this matter, this issue could have quickly spiralled into an incident of gross violence which cause harm and serious injury to other learners, as well. Isipingo SAPS will be conducting school searches in the area to help weed out weapons and other illegal items taken to school by learners. We will be addressing serious topics like gangsterism and bullying.”