The man who was charged with the murder of deaf karate instructor, Dheendayalan Reddy has been remanded in custody to Westville Prison after his bail application was adjourned at the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court.

Reddy, (52), died in hospital last month after he was attacked during an altercation at Hotel Savera in March. In a statement as part of his bail application, the 25-year-old accused said he went to the hotel with his girlfriend and her brother when the incident occurred,

Dheendayalan Reddy

“The deceased interfered with my girlfriend. I asked him to leave us and he went away. Later on, he began to touch my girlfriend inappropriately. The deceased then attacked me and I fought back acting in self-defence. I did not have any weapons on my possession.

I did not know about Reddy’s condition until I was arrested,” said the accused. He said that he will stand trial to prove his innocence. Reddy died in hospital after succumbing to internal injuries, a ruptured spine and brain damage.

The deceased’s brother Lenny said: “Lots of people are very angry for what happened. All we want is justice for my brother. He must man up for his actions and face the full night of the law.” State prosecutor, Nompumelo Marx opposed Perumal’s bail application as it would jeopardise his safety and cause public outcry if he were released.