The grisly discovery of a boy’s body in a shallow grave a short distance from Miguel’s alleged abductor, Vahed Mahommed Ebrahim’s family home on Longbury Drive, last Monday, has left the people of Phoenix and KwaZulu-Natal reeling in horror and shock, as the boy’s family suffer in limbo over the long awaited post mortem results.

Phoenix SAPS have confirmed that the decomposed body of a boy believed to be about 10-years-old was clad in a Rippon Primary School uniform and is suspected to be missing Miguel Louw. However, a forensic report will conclusively confirm the identity of the deceased child.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “On Monday at about 2pm, Warrant Officer D Ellis and Sergeant D Chetty and K9 Ghost of the Durban Dog Unit stumbled on the decomposed body of a male of approximately 10-years-old.

“It is alleged by the members that on the above date and time, they were in pursuit of Attempted Robbery suspects who had allegedly ran into the dense bush on Longbury Drive, Phoenix. The members had responded to a complaint where it is alleged that the suspects had attempted to rob a shop and stabbed the complainant on the head.

“The members accompanied by members of VIP Protection Services, proceeded into the bush in search of the suspects. K9 Ghost who was with his handler, then suddenly diverted from the path, resulting in the handler Sergeant D Chetty following the K9 which led him to the decomposed body of the unknown male. Sgt Chetty then contacted the Provincial Task team and gave them the information of their discovery, describing the clothing of the deceased.

“The deceased was attired in Rippon Primary School uniform. It is therefore suspected that the deceased is the missing child Miguel Louw from Sydenham, although this has not been confirmed yet and only a forensic report will establish this,” added Cpt Naidoo.

KZN VIP’s Romano Naidoo, said, “The sight was gruesome and it is a twist of fate that the unfolding of one crime led to the uncovering of another heinous deed. Seeing that innocent child in his school attire dumped in that hole in the ground is a sight that will remain etched in my mind forever.”
Amidst the tears, pain and anxiety of awaiting the post mortem results of the boy’s decomposed body, the family of Sydenham’s Miguel Louw was dealt another blow when recordings of malicious and slanderous statements against the grief-stricken mother, Raylene Louw, surfaced on social media.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Sydenham community activist, Domenic King, who together with his wife, have been closely involved in the search for Miguel from day one, slammed the slanderous voice-notes and said they were pathetic attempts to devastate a family already torn apart by grief.

“The family is considering taking legal action against the perpetrators of those vicious statements which allege nasty presumptions about Miguel’s mum, as well as assassinates and questions her character. Right now the family’s focus is on determining the identity of the little boy who was found buried in Phoenix. They are traumatised and shattered and now they have to deal with the ramblings of troublemakers who are maligning a mother whose heart is crying for her son,” King said.

In an interview with Miguel’s aunt who did not wish to be named, she told The Phoenix Tabloid, that the vicious person behind the spread of the defaming voice notes should be ashamed for causing the family further distress especially during this traumatic time. “It is disgusting that someone can find it opportune to cause a grieving family so much pain and heartache with such blatant lies. I have spoken to the authorities and have been to the police station to take action against this pathetic person and their vile behaviour,” the aunt said.

The family have engaged an attorney who will take up the matter further.
“We are calling for the MEC of Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Mxolisi Kaunda, to visit the family of Miguel Louw and offer them as well as the community the reassurance that every effort will be made to safeguard our community and ensure that those responsible for the child’s death will face the long arm of the law,” added King.

King said, “All findings point to the little boy tragically being Miguel but only the post mortem results will give us the 100% confirmation we seek. It is incomprehensible that this is how our more than a month long search ended. I firmly believe that there was no human trafficking links to this case and police investigations will prove that. We thank every person who assisted, prayed and offered moral support to the family thus far. I urge parents not to panic in light of this heartbreaking news but do safeguard your children as we pray that we never have to deal with another situation like this where a young innocent life is snatched away and a family is ripped apart with grief.” Meanwhile, MEC Kaunda has urged members of the community to remain calm and give police space to do their work instead of taking the law into their own hands.

“We fully understand the pain this incident has caused to the family and members of the community. As the provincial government, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased during this difficult time,” said Kaunda. He said that government has declared zero tolerance on violence against women and children and that he has full confidence in the police that they will be able to solve this case. “Therefore let us allow the law to take its course,” said Kaunda.