The suspected kingpin of the arrested ‘bomb gang’ and Reservoir Hills resident, Farhad Hoomer, has been linked to a string of extortion plots together with his gang of accomplices, who are alleged to have targeted Durban businessmen for exorbitant sums of money, the purpose for which remains unclear.

Revelations emerged since the group’s bail application bid of the attempts to extort cash from the businessmen with the alleged threat to burn their premises if they failed to meet the demand.

According to reports, text messages were sent to the businessmen demanding cash to be paid in dollars to Dubai accounts and also in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Three businesses were torched in Durban after failure by the owners to pay the demanded cash amounts issued by the perpetrators.
Hoomer and gang have been implicated in the fatal Verulam bomb attack at the Imam Hussein Mosque in Ottawa on 10 May and the series of explosive devices placed at the Woolworths stores in Durban as well as other business premises. Startling details of a kidnap and ransom ploy also emerged when a foreign national businessman was found bound at one of Hoomer’s Reservoir Hills residences and was rescued by Hawks members during a raid. Hoomer is reported to own several properties around Durban, including two in Reservoir Hills, where his alleged bomb-related activities and training facility was based.

Speaking to The Weekly Gazette, Reservoir Hills ward councillor, Sagar Singh, said, “It is alarming that such incidents of alleged terrorism have occurred. A public meeting was held in the area recently, and the matter of the suspects connected to the bombings, some of whom reside in Reservoir Hills, was not raised.

It appears that the community is pleased that the perpetrators behind the crimes have been arrested and are in custody. The community is happy with the investigative authorities and their efforts thus far and are hoping the matter will be concluded were justice is served in the best interest of all.” The State has called for bail to be denied for Hoomer and the 10 other suspects as it was stated that the charges against them are of a serious nature and the group of suspects are a flight and safety risk.