Professional Golfers Association (PGA) qualified golf professional, Shahid Bux, is an avid golfer who’s passion has lead him across the globe and afforded him a wealth of knowledge on the sport.

The 33-year-old hopes to impart on others with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Having travelled to some of the world’s amazing golf capitals and even meeting living legend, Tiger Woods himself, Bux has returned home to build on his own legacy. He currently holds private golf coaching for anyone curious to learn more about the sport at Windsor Park Driving Range. He also has plans to reach out to the youth in disadvantaged backgrounds and townships and hold junior golf clinics to teach golf and enhance skills. The Morningside resident fell in love with golf at the tender age of six when he had his first golfing experience at Windsor Park Golf Course.

“My dad and I used to always drive past Windsor Park when I was young, and I found myself fascinated with the players, their clubs and sport in general. I loved the sport as soon as I held the golf club and hit the ball for the first time. From then on I went on to play in several junior tournaments, which laid the foundations of my career,” said Bux.

After matriculating from Durban High School, Bux invested in his knowledge for golf by obtaining a Diploma in Golf Directorship and Club Management from Damlin Westridge as well as a PGA Diploma through PGA. These qualifications opened the door to a once in a lifetime work and travelling experience for Bux. He worked at the Boca West Country Club in Miami for three years in the golf department while also furthering his studies as a golf assistant. Bux also spent almost two years in New York at the Fenway Golf Club as an Outside Operations Manager and also ran a junior golf clinic where he taught professional golf.

“My time abroad was absolutely amazing to say the least. America is the mecca for golf, from the equipment to the tournaments, everything is bigger and better,” said Bux. The first ever PGA qualified professional of colour in South Africa, said that on his return back home to Durban, he took the decision to share all that he has learnt along his golfing journey with others, in efforts to develop the sport of golf in KZN.

“Going overseas and having had the privilege to meet as well as learn from best in the industry, has not only been inspiring for me but has contributed positively to my success. I want to do the same for other upcoming and aspiring golfers,” said Bux.