Umbilo and Metro police together carried out an operation to remove private taxis allegedly using the old bus terminal on Alan Paton Road as a rank.

This comes after residents raised concerns saying that the drivers were leaving a “mess” at the terminals and were causing a “loud disturbance” while they waited for clients to call. According to Umbilo Community Police Forum chairperson Heather Rorick, residents claim that the drivers were seen having braais, drinking alcohol, and urinating in public, leaving a very bad stink.

“On Monday, law enforcement officers went to the old terminal demanding that the drivers move their vehicles. They found that the terminal was also being used as car wash. This has stirred complaints from minibus taxi drivers and owners who were previously chased from the area. The minibus drivers said same rules should apply to them and the private taxi’s,” said Rorick.

She said that the police made it clear that no ranking was permitted in the area. At the same time on Rick Turner Road, at a fast food outlet, people washing cars illegally were removed. Rorick thanked SAPS and Metro on behalf of the community for acting on the community’s complaints.