Illegal dumping is a health hazard, say residents


The illegal dumping of medical waste at Waterloo, Aloe Wood Road, is not only an eyesore, but a health hazard, say the concerned residents.

The residents said the ongoing issue of illegal dumping of urine bags and drips needed to be addressed once and for all, as infrequent clean-ups by the municipality have failed to curb the problem. Waterloo resident, Roy Pillay, said “It is completely disgusting and an eyesore. It is also sad to see the dumped medical items, posing a risk to many lives.”

The community suspects that a resident in the area is responsible for the illegal dumping and fails to dispose their medical waste accordingly.

Pillay said the issue was of grave concern as “vagrants also dig through the rubbish.” He said, “There are also rats running through the rubbish, and spreading diseases.
Two officials from the Municipal Health Department have visited the place, took pictures and samples of urine, but no response till today.”
Pillay’s concerns were echoed by another resident, Khumbuzile Mbhele, who said, “Unfortunately the municipality only does a half decent job and its workers do not clean next to the roads. I don’t know how people can just dump their rubbish next to the road where people pass everyday, it is disgusting.”

While Jasmine Naidoo said, “As a part of the community’s drive to curb illegal dumping, we will be liaising with Durban Solid Waste to put up no dumping signs as there are currently no dustbins on this site.

“We have to work together as a community and report when we see people dumping on the site, so it can be enforced. We need to name and shame the people dumping illegally.”
When Ward Councillor Johnson Chetty was approached for a comment, he said he could not comment as the matter is in the hands of the eThekwini Health Department. The eThekwini Municipality had yet to revert back by the time of print.