Bulging bagfuls of rubbish continue to litter Overport street corners and roadsides despite the municipality warning culprits against illegal dumping.

Rubbish dumped on Essendene Road

An illegal roadside dump at the corner of Cannon Avenue and Essendene Road has been an issue for months, said neighbouring resident, Thasneem Mahomed. “People have been dumping for a long time. The people are throwing rubbish over the barrier that is on the side of the road,” said Mahomed.

Rubbish dumped on Brickfield Road in Overport

Mahomed said that those dumping the rubbish don’t even abide by the DSW collection timetable. “It is bin dirt, instead of leaving it outside of their house on a Monday when DSW collects it, they leave it there. People are coming to open the bags to look for cardboard and they don’t tie it up again. Now, stray dogs and cats are coming,” she added. Mahomed said that she had asked DSW workers who collect refuse from homes on the road to make an extra stop to collect the rubbish from that spot.
“I asked the driver to pick up the extra dirt but they said another truck would come within 24hours, but they didn’t come,” she added.

EThekwini Municipality’s Acting Head of Communications Mandla Nsele said that the city was not aware of the problem on Essendene Road. “This will be investigated, and the transgressors will be served with contravention notices” said Nsele. Nsele added that the city provides a weekly refuse removal service to 945 000 households in formal and informal areas and encourages home owners to recycle.

“There are numerous recycling centres throughout the metro as well as at shopping centres. There really is no reason for so much recyclable waste to end up on our streets,” added Nsele.

eThekwini Secure and deputy chairperson of Mayville CPF, Zain Soosiwala said, “Overport is fast turning into a dump, and nobody seems to care. If it is not the cardboard collectors on Brickfield Road contributing to the grime, then the area is plagued with indiscriminate dumping. This must stop immediately.”

Ward 31 Councillor, Chris Pappas said that three community clean-ups are planned this month to tackle refuse problems in Overport, the Lacey Road settlement, and Sydenham.
“Members of the community are encouraged to participate and arrange clean-ups in their areas. We cannot just rely on the municipality. We must all take pride in our areas. These clean-ups build pride and community cohesion,” said Cllr Pappas. One such clean-up took place on Saturday, 15 September when Cllr Pappas, DSW members and members of the community gathered in Berea Park in Musgrave for International Coastal Clean-Up Day.
Nicky Goss who was there on the day, said she had a close working relationship with DSW Education and that they regularly organised clean-ups in different parts of the ward. Residents can also arrange their own clean ups and DSW can provide bags and gloves said Goss. Cllr Pappas added that a programme is being planned whereby meal vouchers will be provided to homeless citizens in return for picking up litter in the area.

“We are looking for partners to start this venture. Local businesses who would like to assist can email me: ward31@ethekwini.org,” said CllrPappas.