IFFSK conducts indoor training camp


The International Federation of Funakoshi Shotokan Karate South Africa (IFFSKSA) conducted its 34th Annual National Indoor Training Camp over the weekend of 22 and 23 February at the Arena Park Regional Hall.

Karateka’s from IFFSK in KZN and the respective affiliated provinces travelled to the Kingdom of the Zulu to participate in this exhilarating course that was conducted by Hanshi Eric Govender eighth Dan, founder, president and chief Instructor of the IFFSK. The course focused on traditional and sport karate techniques from White belt up to Black belt. The camp was attended by children as young as four- years- old all the way to adults up to 55 -years – old. Govender and his sensei’s ensured that all karateka’s gained maximum benefit from the two day training.

“One of the main objectives of such training camps is to motivate karateka’s and fine tune their skills. At the same time, it provides a window for parents to view the progress of their children,”said Govender. IFFSKSAs next major events is its 34th IFFSK South Coast Regional Development Championship at Arena Park Regional Hall on 24 March, 32nd IFFSK North Coast Regional Development Championship at Redfern Community Hall on 04 April , 26th Annual Friendship Championship at UKZN on 04 May and 35th National Funakoshi Cup Championships at UKZN on 31 August.