How to handle yourself


Due to a very busy Christmas season and straight into planning strategies for the year, I have not been able to write any decent articles. This is a very different article as this has no advice on business but rather all the advice on how you handle yourself.

I had a friend of mine Henk post on Facebook today about the 10 reasons to invest in South Africa. As I read through the comments, I was horrified with the way South Africans had nothing good to say about their land of birth. People might think the ANC, EFF and even the DA are the problem in South Africa. They aren’t. These are parties that we as South Africans vote for. The biggest problem is us. We as South Africans are the problem. We self sabotage our country continuously. We love sharing click bait articles about the doom and gloom in South Africa based on no empirical evidence at all. Some will say “We miss the good old days’. The “good old days” where 90 percent of our population was excluded. Sounds “great” right.

I’m now 41 and the only thing I can really remember about apartheid was questioning why my black friend on the farm couldn’t come to school with me. As the ANC took power, we as young adults were advised to leave South Africa behind. Wait for it. ‘Getting worse you know’. I want to tell the person that ever came up with this saying, that they didnít have a clue what was happening in the rest of the world.

The only time it ‘Got worse’ for me was when I stunted my own entrepreneurial growth and went to make a new life in Europe. The good thing about this move was it confirmed that A: I’m too African for Europe and B: To realise how great South Africa is to start your own business. We move to Europe for the sake of our children’s future. Here is some free advice to be a better parent. Your child will be fine, even in most war torn countries.

Back to the article. Why is it that we feel we need to self sabotage our country? South Africa is open for business. With President Cyril Ramaphosa at the helm we will be fine. People forget he is a strategist and an excellent negotiator. Due to elections he has to save the ANC before he saves South Africa. He has had to play the hand he has been dealt and itís not the best. What do we have that most countries don’t have.

We have a willing workforce. Please don’t start on about South Africans being lazy. All staff need guidance and leadership. Your team is only as good as its leader and a leader is only as good as his/her team.
We have access to reasonably well priced set up costs. I have built three entirely viable restaurants at the same price people spend on a stove (google La Cornue Stoves). Our road networks and infrastructure make life easier to trade. The steaks I cut in my butchery in Ballito on Thursday, are the same steaks my customers are enjoying in my restaurants in Joburg over the weekend.

To end this off, my dad used to say, “if you have nothing good to say about someone don’t say anything.” Self-sabotage will stunt growth. We all need to start pushing the positive and not the negative. Thanks for reading. Thanks for believing.