It is terrifying how drug abuse has become a part of everyday life for hundreds of thousands of school going children in South Africa. While many parents are oblivious to the fact, others are concerned for their children and are looking for solutions to curb the scourge of drugs in schools. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to hear people’s views on how serious the problem is and what solution they propose.

Hoosen Sheik
The laws need to change. The current laws give people too many freedoms. During my younger days, drug usage in schools was not as big a problem as it is now because discipline was better enforced. Youth who are caught using drugs in schools must be expelled immediately.

Lenny Moodley
Drugs are usually brought into the schools by learners themselves who act as distributors. The problem can be eradicated by having searches at schools regularly. Alcohol consumption is also a big problem among the youth. Students often disguise the alcohol which they smuggle
into school as soft drinks. We need to identify all the ways in which drugs and alcohol are disguised and taken into schools in order to reduce the problem.

Dees Maharaj
Drugs are a serious issue within our schools. I do not think that enough is being done to reduce the negative impacts of the dealers. The drug problem also contributes to the high rates of petty crimes in our community and often leads to our youth committing bigger and more serious crimes. The community is currently not proactive enough in tackling the issue. More proactive measures need to be taken if we are to overcome the problem.

Michael Naidoo
Drugs are a serious issue within schools and cause many youth to struggle academically and eventually drop out of school. This also leads to hooliganism, unemployment and contributes to the cycle of poverty continuing. Drugs are also a factor behind the high rates of bullying at schools. The issue can be overcome by rooting out the sellers. Often the sellers are students from the school who serve as runners.

Jane Govindasamy
Drugs are always a serious issue which we need to address. They are especially consumed by kids who are being more exposed to the stresses of life. As a community, we need to have more drives to educate our kids and motivate them. Youth should be motivated to take part in skills development initiatives and should volunteer themselves towards good causes. They should assist each other as this will also help them to see the positive side of life. Unemployment is a major issue and the whole community must get involved in making a positive difference and get involved in holistic and social activities.