The topic of safety on the internet is always in the spotlight especially amongst parents of teenagers. Recently, a woman was lured by a friend on social media on the pretence of getting to know her better. The lady was then robbed of her personal belongings and sustained head injuries from her attacker. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to find out what safety measures should be taken on social media amongst the youth.

Jamie Lee
As someone who is still considered the youth, I think sending a message to our younger generation is vital. They need to understand the dangers of social media and how to be productive, posting up detailed and private information about yourself should be stopped. Sharing information on where you are at all times is also something we can practice putting an end to.

Jessi Pillay
Parents should monitor what their children are doing on social media. As youth ,we tend to over share information on our personal life, this can attract predators who are well aware of how to use this to their advantage. Posting your cell numbers and other contact details can be an easy way for trouble to find you, sharing your location at every given time is unnecessary. Be vigilant to who you agree to be in contact with and how much of your private life they are allowed to be a part of.

Nastika Naidoo
Personally the social media platforms are how most people meet their boyfriends and girlfriends, however there are various steps you can take to ensure you are not walking into a trap. You should never meet strangers alone, in an isolated place or at night. Always go in groups, to busy malls or restaurants where you will have assistance if something goes wrong and witnesses. Never give your location or private details to someone you just met on social media. There is a fine line between staying relevant and over sharing, be sure to always stick to the right side for your safety.

Nolan Naicker
The youth needs to be monitored on what they share and how much they post, vital and important personal information are being shared on every platform, their location, numbers and even their home address can be seen by a stalker. Parents need to be more involved in educating their children on the dangers of over sharing. They should understand what is information that can be posted and what is information that should be kept hidden.

Kirsten Reddy
Being careful on what information you share on social media is extremely important. It is wise to learn when to draw the line when posting, and constant updates to stay relevant on the platform can be an easy way to attract unwanted trouble. We should be selective with who we respond to on the various platforms.