With an ever-growing awareness of our environment and our impact, the work done by Miss Earth South Africa Ambassadors across the country has taken on a new momentum.

The search is on for environmental ambassadors, with an energy and spark to share knowledge, passion and ultimately to change behaviour for a more sustainable future. Georgina Cost of SA Fusion said, “The Miss Earth South Africa programme has a unique spin on environmental advocacy. It is about being a down to earth person, someone that wants to give of themselves to others, someone that wants to be of service to their community and to those around them. Whether at home, at work or at play, each young woman can make a difference.”

Cost said its about understanding the challenges that our planet is faced with and how the individual impacts the environment.
“It is about choosing a cause that you as an individual can champion and create awareness around and provide people with practical solutions for these challenges. You could be a water hero, a tree hugger, a waste warrior or a bunny lover, you could be a champion for endangered frogs, or the turtles, perhaps your passion is recycling,
or rhinos or maybe you love fury little creatures or nature walks, either way we need you to help save our world.

The challenges are endless, from fighting fracking, to stopping animal cruelty, to deforestation, there are so many causes that need attention. If this resonates with you, the Miss Earth South Africa needs you,” Cost added. #WasteStopsWithME is the hashtag for this initiative, because each person has the ability to stop waste, whether it be food waste, energy waste, water waste, recycling waste or the waste of our biodiversity, each one can make a difference. This programme will make you a more conscious consumer, and a more environmentally friendly individual.

All queries can be sent to safusion@mweb.co.za or send an email address to 082 5050 664 for an application form.