August is Women’s Month, and in light of this Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets and asked women who were present at the Eden College’s Eco-Fest, what they thought can be done to show love and support for one another.

Trisha Seebruth
I think women can inspire each other by being an influence and inspiration in the way they live their lives and portray themselves. This gives other women the motivation to be a better person.

Celani Ziqubu
Women can empower each other by listening to one other. I find it very fulfilling that even if you don’t have answers to another woman’s problems as long as
you are listening to them, it helps. A woman expresses the emotional side of her story, rather than the factual side. All you have
to do is listen, you might not have the answers but just sit and understand what is the
most painful part of her story and as they
try to process the story, it makes them feel better.

Camryn Botha
We can empower other women by not tearing them down, with insults or stereotypes. We have stereotypes where some girls are labelled the quirky girls who like rock metal music and then you get the girls who wear pink lipstick. You can’t judge a person by those traits and the biggest way we can empower women is by letting women be women. Whether it’s the stereotypical woman or the quirky girl, by not tearing them down you are automatically supporting and empowering them.

Nontokozo Ndlovu
Women should be there for one other and stop looking down at each other. We need to be able to talk to one another because we often go through some similar stuff. This is the way we will be able to support each other.

Beverley Anniah
Women can uplift women by being there for each other, spending time with one another and helping them if they are going through a tough time whether it be abuse, physical or mental stress. We have to talk and support each other