Suicide cases have circulated in the media at an alarming rate. It is one of the biggest problems that communities are faced with and cuts across all societies and often affects youth from all walks of life. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to find out the public’s view on how suicide cases could be prevented.

Thabani Ngiba:
I think that the major problem is that parents, and more especially fathers, do not spent much time with their children. So, they leave the whole responsibility for raising a child or children to the child’s mother. Mothers alone can not be able to attend each and every child’s problem. In that way, children feel abandoned is such a way that they end up getting into drug consumption, which sometimes cannot not help them. This is when they end up committing suicide.

Denver Govender:
As young people, we tend to rely on our friends more than we do to our parents, at any time that we are facing problems. Friends sometimes may lead you astray, like for instance, they may tell you that the only solution to get out of the problem is drug consumption. I am a youngster and I know how young people are. I mean, we as young people have a tendency of fooling around, thinking that we know everything and are smarter than our parents. Even when the times of trouble come, we tend to think that we can manage to get out of them on our own. Until the time comes when we realise that we can’t cope with the pressure that comes with the problems that we are facing, then the ultimate result becomes suicide.

Rowen Pillay:
Peer-pressure is a common cause of suicide. You know, when young people are stressed and can’t deal with problems, they take their own lives. As young people, we need a strong mentorship from elderly people, more especially professional mentorship, so that we learn that problems are a part of life and that they are not permanent. I think mentorship is a major necessity in dealing with the issues of suicide.

Buselaphi Mngoma:
I think there many factors around the cause of suicide, so it’s not a one angled kind
of problem. I think the better way to reach a viable solution for the suicide problem is to have parents keeping a closer watch to their children. It would help them to know whenever there is a change in a young person’s behavioral pattern. Young people, especially the under age ones, need intensive parental care as they always want
an assurance that their parents are always there for them.