The cost of a child’s education is getting increasingly steeper each and every year including school uniform and stationary. This is a huge concern for most parents, especially those who have more than one child. Even though the increase is expected, some of them are finding it hard to cope. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to get people’s views on how are they managing with the education expenses hike.

Jennifer Cele
I save money for my children, I only buy what they need, not expensive things that I can’t afford, for example when buying stationary, I option for a good quality product that is not expensive. There are cheaper places to buy stationary rather then buying from the recommended stationary shops. I didn’t buy school bags for my children, they will use the ones from last year as long as they don’t have holes and are in good condition. I would advise parents to buy in January as uniforms are cheaper than in December.

Tessa Green
The price increase is really bad, its just too much and will continue to be each and every year. As a single mother of twin boys, everything is doubled for me. Each year I buy at least a set of uniform for the boys, however, school bags and shoes can be used till they are worn out. Saving is best, shopping around for stationary is always best as different shops charge different prices for different items. Another challenge we face is that there are added costs such as purchasing of text books and note books and that is insanely challenging. School education is as costly as tertiary. Being a parent of twin boys, saving for a new school year has become a must and you have to look for discounts wherever you shop.

Nana Gumede
Businesses are taking advantage of the situation. Uniform and stationary are not the only concern, we also have to consider lunch boxes which also adds to it, everything has gone up. No parent wants their child to be different from others at school, so the increase is just too much.

Cindy Mkhize
Coming from a rural school, things were made easy for our parents to be able to afford uniform because they were not paying school fees. They had stationary and school uniforms to worry about which was less expensive for them. Now as a young mom, I have noticed a huge gap between when I was in school and the amount spent on school uniform alone, which excludes “school activities gear”, stationary, lunch and transport money. In a post on Facebook, mothers said many of their children will use last years uniform in order to survive and live under a budget.

Reshma Maharaj
There’s a huge outcry about the sudden price hike on stationary, uniform and school fees. Some parents are not managing and the best way to ensure you cope is to shop around and buy what is needed per term, this way, all won’t be a pile up of expenses in one month. Uniform-recycle, use what you can from the previous year. When it comes to school fees, if you have more than one child in a school, request for a discount and split the fees over three instalments. January and February are the most difficult months of the year, save as much as you can. Starting a savings plan towards the next year’s school shopping, I’ve been doing this for the past 13 years – save a little every month and in January withdraw the money saved towards school purchases, it helps.