EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) is back in Durban this May, and it looks like the coastal event is set for an all heavyweight delight.  Durban’s Thabani Mndebela and Port Elizabeth’s Ivan Strydome join the main card in a colossal clash of athletes in a heavyweight bout at EFC 70 at Sibaya on 26 May.

Adding to the EFC excitement is another hugely anticipated clash for the women’s bantamweight title between South Africa’s Amanda Lino and Morocco’s RizlenZouak.

20151007, GRANDWEST, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: during EFC 45 at GrandWest Casino, Cape Town, South Africa.
(Photo by Anton Geyser / EFC Worldwide 2015)

Mndebela is a kyokoshin karate blackbelt holder displaying excellent distance management and devastating kicks. Highly athletic, the full-time doctor and fighter has an agility rarely seen in the heavyweight division. Having recently moved to Lion’s Den gym alongside fellow main carders Sizwe Mnikathi and Bumni Ojewole, he will be ever more confident in his mats skills.

Mndebela says that he “wants to put Durban back on the map” in the heavyweight division and promises high paced action.

The heavy-hitting Strydom has been focusing on his boxing and subsequently has been out of MMA competition for almost two-years. Known for his monstrously big hands, strong and powerful punches, Strydom is an intimidating figure who carries every tool needed to deliver a huge knockout.

Lion’s Boxing in PE is where he calls home, and works away tirelessly at improving his fighting skills.

The main card also features Nigeria’s Bunmi Ojewole taking on JacqualineTrosee, Sizwe Mnikathi taking on the undefeated Roedie Roets and Dansheel Moodley will face Angola’s Josemar Octavio.

7th October 2017 – EFC 64 : Thabani Mndebela kicks Simon Harle during EFC 64 at Sibaya Casino, Durban, South Africa (Photo by Roarke Bouffe / EFC Worldwide)