Have your say on the rezoning


Ward 50 Councillor Lyndal Singh has urged residents to lodge their objections against an application for the rezoning of special residential 180, in Ward 50 which has been made to the municipality. All objections must be submitted before the deadline on Friday, 12 April.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Singh said that all infill housing sites are zoned SR180 but the notice which is being put through requests rezoning from SR180 to general residential three. “If infill housing was only supposed to be used for housing purposes, why the need to rezone it to general residential. My concern is that general residential is not solely used for housing purposes, it can be used for high rise buildings, a parking garage, institution, a hotel or other purposes and I think the public should be made aware of this.”

Singh said if there are going to be high rise buildings being put up or buildings that are not going to be used only for housing purposes, the process is unfolding now and the community has an opportunity to put a stop to this. “This should be taken seriously by all residents of the area because a year or two later from now, when plans are approved and buildings are already going up, not much can be done if they do not act now.

“Previously, buildings and developments had taken place due to the fact that by the time members of the public reacted to an issue, it was too late to prevent it from taking place. Usually when the process is unfolding, the community is unaware and that’s why I feel they should be made aware of this proposed plan and lodge their objections before it’s too late,” added Singh. The notice which was recently advertised in the national papers states that a combined application has been made to municipality consisting of Part A: a proposed subdivision of ERF 1420 Foresthaven to form portions 1, 2 and the remainder of ERF 1420 Foresthaven, situated at 155 Canehaven Drive. Part B: rezoning of portion 2 of ERF 1420 Foresthaven from indeterminate government and municipal and special residential 400 to general residential 3, situated
at 155 Canehaven Drive.

The notice further states that a copy of the application and its accompanying documents will be open for inspection by interested members of the public between the hours of 8am and 12:30pm from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Copies can be obtained at the offices of the land use management branch, ground floor, 166 KE Masinga Road, Durban.

Members of the public can lodge their written objections by hand to the regional co-ordinator central region, Land Use Management Branch, Durban or by registered post to PO Box 680, Durban, 4000. Alternatively they can fax their objections to the number: 031 311 7859, email to [email protected] or contact the office on 031 311 7499.

Objections must also be submitted to the applicant, Zimanga Urban and Rural Design Consultants PO Box 18788, Dalbridge, 4014. Applicants telephone number, 031 566 3935 or by email to [email protected]