Community members are urged to be on high alert for suspects wielding firearms who are on the prowl and looking for soft targets in Phoenix.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Captain L Naidoo, said that it is alleged by the complainant that on Thursday, 29 August, at 7:15pm, he was in the company of his friend and they were on their way home walking along Rainham Road opposite the swimming pool when they were then attacked at gunpoint by a group of men.

“Four of the suspects were known to the complainant. One of the suspects drew a black firearm cocked it and pointed it at the complainant’s friend whilst the other suspects were assaulting them. Whilst the complainant and his friend were being assaulted, he was also robbed of his gold neck chain,”Naidoo said. She said that a case of armed robbery was registered and during a suspect raid, one of the suspects, aged 21, was arrested and detained at Phoenix SAPS. He was later charged and appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court.

In a second incident, a man and his friend were allegedly robbed by three known men, last Sunday as they were walking down Velebahleke Road. “One of the suspects requested for a cigarette that he had in his hand. The complainant refused and the said suspect told him that they will catch him one day. They threatened the complainant and assaulted him before taking R300 cash from his pocket. One of the suspects showed him his firearm under his T-shirt and threatened him with it. Both suspects were later arrested, charged for robbery and appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court,” said Cpt Naidoo. In a separate unrelated incident, a woman was allegedly robbed of her plastic bag containing cash and documents whilst walking along Cardinal Road, on Monday.

According to the complainant, she was approached by an unknown man who grabbed her plastic bag which she was carrying, containing cash and documents and fled.

“The complainant screamed and a man known to her pursued the suspect and accosted him. The plastic bag was found, however, the cash of R120 was missing. The said male who assisted the complainant in accosting the suspect, conveyed the suspect and the complainant to the Phoenix police station where the 54-year-old suspect was detained and later charged for robbery,” Cpt Naidoo said.